Indian laws regulating treatment of persons with mental disorders..

Indian laws regulating treatment of persons with mental disorders

India has a long history of treating people with mental disorders, and there are a number of laws that regulate the treatment of those who suffer from a mental illness.

The Mental Health Act, 1987, provides guidelines for the treatment of persons with mental disorders and establishes the legal framework for their care. It lays down guidelines for admission to hospitals, private and government-run institutions, community care programs and psychiatric wards; for treatment by psychiatrists, psychologists, social workers and others; for compulsory treatment in case of emergency; and for discharge from such places as well as after treatment.

The National Mental Health Programe (NMHP) is aimed at ensuring that all people throughout India have access to effective treatments for mental health problems so they can live full and productive lives. The programme aims at improving access to care through public sector and non-profit sectors; strengthening primary health care services through community-based interventions; developing an integrated approach towards prevention of mental disorders through early detection and management; promoting psychosocial support services among primary health workers so that they can provide better mental health care services; increasing awareness about mental illness among families members so that they can help their loved ones get better treatment when needed most; increasing awareness among general public about symptoms.  and India takes its duties seriously when it comes to mental health.

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