How is Cyber Defamation different from Physical Defamation? 

How is Cyber Defamation different from Physical Defamation?

Intermediaries that do not modify the content of information but simply act as a platform for users to post defamatory comments is not liable for any damages. best lawyers in madhapur .

A statement is defamatory if it hurts the reputation of an individual or business and causes damage to the person’s character or livelihood. Publication of the defamatory statements, on the other hand, is not necessary for a successful claim for defamation. People may be able to prove that the publication caused harm by showing that they suffered bad will from having their reputation damaged.


The intermediary is not considered to be the originator or author of a message, and shall not be held responsible for any defamation or libelous material which appears in the message if it occurs without the consent of the person who posted the message.

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  1. On the author of the defamatory material online. 

  1. On service provider or However, it is pertinent to note that as per Section 79 of the Information Technology Act, 2000- 

an intermediary shall not be liable if it does not initiate or modify such defamatory content but merely acts as a facilitator”. 
Further, this protection is also subject to the condition that the intermediary shall comply with the due diligence and Intermediary Guidelines requirements issued by the Central Government and also, upon receiving actual knowledge, the appropriate Government or its agency or remove such unlawful content from being notified. (source:-legal bites )


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